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Creative Booster

Ages 7 -10

This session uses creative problem solving, interactive games, drawing, designing and working with their hands to cultivate their creative mindset.


7 -10




2 - 4pm (2hrs)


Oct 22, 2022



What is it all about?

We are all born with the ability to think creativity but many of us unlearn it as we get older. The focus of this workshop is to provide experiences that help your child learn how to maintain a creative mindset as they develop.
How do you develop a creative mindset? One of the easiest ways is to simply understand what conditions your brain needs to be creative and what is happening in the brain when a creative spark occurs. Leveraging current research on the study of creativity and my experience as a creative director, we develop that mindset.
Upon completion of the workshop, parents are also sent tools to continue the conversation about maintaining a creative mindset.
Newness is an important ingredient of creativity, new experiences, new ideas, or new inputs because we are hard-wired to react to things that feel novel or unexpected. Emerging technologies are integrated into the sessions as a way to inject some newness.

What do they focus on?

Problem Solving

Mavmaker's are presented with fun and interactive problems to solve that help them build their confidence in tackling an unknown. The challenges are highly interactive and encourage exploration and tinkering.

Game Design

Rather than playing games that someone else has defined, they develop (and test) their own games, get feedback and refine their results to improve their experience. This builds a maker mindset which can lead to becoming a lifelong learner.

Design Process

For ages 4 - 6, they develop an idea and we help them bring their idea to life through a 3d printed model of their idea.

For ages 7 - 10, they develop an idea and start to bring that idea to life in TinkerCAD, a free 3D application that they can use at home.

For ages 11 - 14, they develop an idea, bring it to life using TinkerCAD or Blender and prototype their idea to be viewed in Virtual Reality.

Featured Mavmaker

Rykiel / Long-Neck Duck

Rykiel was actually stuck on what to do and she started with the head. She drew the body farther down the page then realized she could connect the two to form the elusive long-necked duck, found only in the imagination of someone doodling their own duck design.